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Brand Message Consultant & Brand Writer, Denver, Colorado

Turn your message into a magnet for your ideal clients

Your company is doing amazing things: Transforming people’s lives. Disrupting your industry. Or even, taking on a Goliath competitor…

But you’re stuck. Bogged down in your own message. Stuck losing leads because you’re too close to your own story. Stuck getting glazed eyes when people ask — “What do you do?” — because it’s woefully hard to explain your business.

You can change that. I have a proven approach to help you figure out what makes your business different and how to talk about it, so you can:

  • Engage the right clients and discourage the wrong ones.
  • Stop losing business to more polished competitors.
  • Align your team, so your marketing is consistent and effective. (Yes!)

How I can help you get your message right

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