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About Ann Kendall

Ann Kendall

If you’re a growth-oriented business that’s struggling to tell your story…

You could hire a brand consultant OR a killer copywriter.

But why wouldn’t you choose the best of both?

Like many of my entrepreneurial clients, I always knew I’d have my own business one day.

The bigger question was: “Doing what?”

I’ve never had a set of skills
that fit neatly into a job description

After graduating with highest honors from the University of Notre Dame, I spent 12 years honing my chops in the worlds of employee communications, brand marketing and web writing — first for a global consulting firm and then internally for two, national hospitality brands.

But that voice in my head kept whispering to me, reminding me I was meant to create my own path.

In January 2008, I kissed the safety of a monthly paycheck goodbye, said a small prayer for my mortgage and opened the doors to Vine Street Communications.

(Because what better time to start a business than at the start of a major recession? Ahem.)

It didn’t take long before an interesting trend began to emerge

Companies were reaching out to me because they were fed up with their marketing content:

  • “Our website is holding us back.”
  • “We’re unique but have no idea how to express it.”
  • “We’re using the same, stale language as everybody else.”
  • “We want our words to elevate us, so people say, ‘Yesss!'”
  • “We’re struggling with ‘rabbit holes.’ How do we make our business easy to understand?”

As I’d ask questions, though, it would become clear that the issue wasn’t really the words on the page.

The words were a symptom of something bigger.

These companies were missing some of the essential building blocks of their brand story.

They were fuzzy on:

  • What made their business truly special?
  • Who did they want as customers? (And who didn’t they want?)
  • What was their unique voice?

They were trying to build a house without a foundation.

And yes, there was a reason the ceiling was cracking.

Cue Kevin Costner in an Iowa cornfield as a voice whispers: “If you build it, they will come”

All the skills I’d honed in my consulting and corporate careers suddenly had a purpose.

I began to craft a proprietary, five-step approach, so high-achieving businesses could get crystal clear on their messaging and voice.

You’re getting an approach that’s rooted in 20 years of experience. It brings together:

  • Investigative, upfront discovery and messaging best practices from my years consulting to Fortune 1000 companies, so you can get to the essence of your message, eliminate the noise, and make your story relevant and succinct
  • Buyer psychology skills I’ve learned in Sandler Sales Training, so you can deeply engage your ideal customers
  • Facilitation skills I’ve honed from a wonderful mentor and nearly six years in corporate, so you can navigate internal politics and build consensus among your team
  • Project management skills from my global consulting days, so you feel 100% at ease that your project will be organized, well communicated and on-time

In the 10+ years I’ve run my business, I have a 100% track record with deadlines.

  • 10x landing pages_certificate of completion_ann kendallAnd most recently, conversion copywriting skills, so your content is rooted in science-based persuasion techniques

I’m currently in Copy School. It’s a simple name for a grad school-type course that’s anything but simple. I’m mastering the science of how to get readers to take action: clicking, downloading, buying… This course is taught by two of the most talented conversion copywriters in North America.

So what would it be like to work with a strategist and a copywriter in one person?

As my clients will tell you, you’ll get strategic problem solver who will help you look at the bigger picture.

“Ann did a great job of forcing us to step back and treat the root cause — not just the symptoms.”

You’ll get a guide who will help you figure out the key building blocks of your message… and then bring your story to life: Word by word.

“The highlight of our project for me was when we had something tangible we could show people. Our message was alive. It wasn’t just theory anymore.”

You’ll get a relatable partner who will make the process easy. And dare I say, fun?

“Ann was very relatable from early on in our conversations. I could tell this was more than just a job for her. We were in this together. She put everything in terms that made sense to me and my team and made the process easy for us.”

And because whom you work with is just as important as the work we do together, here’s a little more about me:

  • Avid hiker and explorer of all things Colorado
  • Dog mom to an Australian labradoodle with endless energy
  • Hobbyist photographer
  • Lifelong learner (currently hooked on e-learning)
  • Gardening addict (and baby, this isn’t your grandma’s garden)