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About Ann Kendall

Too close to your own story? Let’s find what makes your business special.

Ann Kendall

I’m Ann Kendall, brand messaging expert.

I bring 20 years of experience crafting brands, messages and content to your project, so you get deep expertise.

In my work with 80+ clients, I’ve developed a finely honed, proprietary process to help you:

  • Appeal to your audiences on a deeper level.
  • Understand what your competition is really saying.
  • Communicate what makes your business truly unique.

Why? So you can attract better clients and grow your revenue.


20+ years of crafting brand stories

88+ successful client collaborations (and results!)

Only 5-6 new clients taken on per year

As a seasoned chef may say, the secret is in the sauce.

My focus is on crafting custom strategies and content—just for you.

You’ll benefit from my unique combination of messaging experience: Marketing writing. Web writing. Employee communications.

I understand the nuances of different forms of brand marketing and how to truly engage your audiences.

After building a successful career with an international consulting firm and two national brands, I opened my own brand marketing company in January 2008. Since then, I’ve helped more than 80 companies across the United States find their voices, transform their brands and content, and engage the clients they want.

I can’t wait to explore the possibilities with you.