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How I Work

I want to make great use of your time…

That’s why I’ll share upfront, while I love new clients, I’m not the right fit for everyone.

I only take on five to six new clients per year. (I have happy, repeat clients who keep me busy!)

I believe:

  • You deserve someone who is as passionate about your business as you are. If I don’t share your passion or think I’m the right fit for your needs, I’ll let you know early, making the best use of your time.
  • The best outcomes come from collaboration. When we combine your industry expertise with my brand talents, we can create amazing results. If you’re simply looking for an executor or a quick fix, respectfully, I’m not your girl.
  • In following a process. I find that the biggest “ah has” and the most amazing outcomes come from trusting the process. Clients often tell me that my process is as valuable as the outcomes. In many cases, the process triggers conversations they didn’t know they needed to have.
  • You deserve to feel like I’m an extended member of your team. As you’ll hear from my clients, I care deeply about their success. I’m very selective about the clients I take on. When we choose to partner with each other, you’re more than just another project to me.
  • Copywriting isn’t always the right first step. Having a clear message platform can save you a significant amount of time, budget and headaches later. So, if we choose to work together, it’s not uncommon to start with a strategy as our foundation.

Can I help you achieve your vision? It depends.

The companies that get the most out of partnering with me tend to be:

  • Great decision makers. You can make decisions and move on with ease.
  • Collaborative. You value fresh ideas and different perspectives.
  • Committed to improving AND implementing. You’re happy to invest in your business to achieve results, and you have great follow through. You hate settling for the status quo.
  • Intellectually humble. You excel at what you do. Yet, you also recognize when an outside expert can do your brand some good.
  • Organized. You appreciate a timeline and thrive with project structure.