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3 brand voice examples to spice up your website writing

Have you ever noticed that interesting brands have a special way of talking to their customers? If you want to spice up your website writing with a memorable voice, get inspired with these three brand voice examples.

First things first … What is brand voice?

So you may be wondering, what is brand voice and why does it matter?

Your brand voice is the written and spoken manifestation of your company’s personality. That’s a fancy way of saying: it’s the unique way you speak with your consumers about your business. A good brand voice can humanize your brand, making your company more relatable and appealing to your target audience.

Plus, if you have a lot of competitors who offer similar products or services, having a distinct voice can differentiate your business and make you much more memorable. (And who doesn’t like that?)

Some brand voice examples, please

Here are three companies that not only have distinctive brand voices, but they consistently use their voice through all their customer touch points — from their website writing, to email campaigns, to order confirmations.

Moosejaw: Irreverent, edgy and playful

Moosejaw: Example of edgy and fun brand voice

Moosejaw is an outdoor clothing company that likes to push boundaries and have fun.

They have a brand voice that’s edgy and entertaining for consumers who probably like to push boundaries too.

Here’s a flavor of their voice from their website:

“You don’t need to be a certified badass to wear this stuff.”

“What’s new: We just added this stuff like 5 minutes ago. That may not be true but it sure sounds good.”

“The best stuff: We’re pretty sure this is the best stuff. Or at least decent stuff.”

“The Moosejaw Living Will is our product guarantee. It means if you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, return it AT ANY TIME as long as IT’S IN SELLABLE CONDITION and as long as you aren’t dead … thus the Living Will.”

If you want to become a sales associate, “a good sense of humor, creative mindset and passion for customer service are needed. Like an I-love-you-so-much-I-want-to-have-a-million-babies-with-you passion for customer service. Plus, outdoor gear knowledge is preferred.”

Harley Davidson: Bold, empowering and rebellious

Harley-Davidson: Example of bold & rebellious brand voiceHarley-Davidson’s messaging is always compelling.

Why? They know how to tap into something deeper in their buyers: an independent spirit, personal freedom and passion for a good ride.

Here’s a flavor of their bold headlines and distinctive voice:

“Not built for those traveling on the road of convention. Go your own way on the redesigned Fat Bob.”

“Put together a machine as distinctive as your fingerprint on our bike builder.” 

“Take command of your personal cockpit. Stand out from the standard with custom instruments and gauges.”

Boden: Quirky and oh-so-British

Boden: Example of quirky & British brand voiceEvery now and then, I read blog posts from other marketing companies and think to myself, “Darn! I wish I had written that article!”

Last week, I had that reaction as I read a great article on brand voice from the Internet marketing team at Portent. They spent the majority of their article highlighting how Boden — a quirky British clothing company — connects with its buyers through an engaging and distinctly British brand voice.

Check out Portent’s article on Boden for another good example of brand voice.

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