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5 marketing blogs you absolutely can’t live without

Imagine this… You’re stuck on a deserted island with nothing but an iPad and curiously strong WiFi. As with any good deserted island scenario, you have to make choices. You can only use your iPad to follow 5 marketing blogs. Which blogs do you choose?

Here are 5 marketing blogs you absolutely need to consider!


HubSpot BlogIf you’re like most of us, you want your website visitors to become deeply interested in your company.

You want them to download your whitepapers. Subscribe to your e-newsletters. Join your Facebook discussions. Sign up for your webinars. Call for consultations.

Oh, and while your visitors are at it, it would be really nice if they would share their contact information with you too, so you can stay in touch.

My friends, to get these kinds of results, you need a good inbound marketing plan… and that’s why the HubSpot blog is so useful.

The HubSpot blog is dedicated to inbound marketing topics.

The authors find a variety of ways to answer one question: How can you nurture more leads through your website, so you can improve your conversions?

Fair warning: HubSpot is a content-producing machine.

They post A LOT of blog articles. But it’s good, meaty content.

You’ll learn a ton from HubSpot’s blog. You’ll learn a ton from their website in general. And before you know it, you’ll be downloading their whitepapers… (Hey, more reading material for your time on the island.)

Check out the HubSpot blog.

Conversation Marketing

Conversation Marketing by PortentI admit it.

I have a crush on the marketing team that writes this blog.

They’re smart AND funny.


Conversation Marketing—a blog by an Internet marketing company named Portent—is irreverent and educational.

This blog covers a range of Internet marketing topics, including:

  • New trends in search engine optimization
  • Useful online marketing tips
  • Technical topics that I can’t even begin to describe.

I’m not going to lie. I don’t always understand the technical posts.

But the good news is, the posts vary in complexity from day to day.

And hey, the technical posts will always give you topics to discuss with your web developers… after you get rescued from the island, of course.

Check out Conversation Marketing by Portent.


WhichTestWon?Who knew that A/B testing could be so fun?

(Not familiar with A/B testing? It’s the process of testing two versions of one web page. Usually, there’s a slight variation between the pages. Sometimes, it’s a design element. Sometimes, it’s a subtle difference in wording. The goal is to test which version of your web page—A or B—gets more visitors to do what you want them to do.)

This blog is very simple.

You’re presented with an actual A/B test, and you get to vote on which version of the web page (A or B) you believe was more successful. Then, you see the results, and people weigh in on the findings.

WhichTestWon is a great site for re-enforcing the value of A/B testing.

Plus, it’s fun and engaging.

And seriously, when you’re stuck on a deserted island, isn’t it nice to have a little mental stimulation? Not to mention, A/B testing may come in handy after you’re rescued. You’re going to need to make up for some lost time converting website visitors.

Check out WhichTestWon.

Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin's BlogIn this blog, Marketing Guru Seth Godin picks a thought-provoking topic and shares his opinions about it.

Think of this as a “what if…?” blog, rather than a “how to” blog.

Typically, Seth’s posts are short and sweet.

If you’re looking for fresh ways to think about your business, your marketing efforts, or even your approach to life, you’ll enjoy this blog.

Check out Seth Godin’s blog

Social Media Examiner

Social Media ExaminerSocial Media Examiner offers tips for businesses on how to use different social media sites.

Each day, this blog focuses on a different website:

FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedInPinterestInstagram, etc.

The thing that I like about Social Media Examiner is that they share social media best practices in interesting ways.

For example, depending on the day, you may read an article with a case study, an infographic, a “to do” list, a series of website screenshots, a video, a podcast…

You get the idea. They mix it up.

They also share real-life examples, which is helpful. Plus, the information is practical and relatively easy to implement.

If you have basic or intermediate knowledge of social media, OR you’re really trying to learn how to engage your audience through a particular social media site, this blog may be perfect for you.

Check out Social Media Examiner.

Useful tip!

It’s worth noting that you can subscribe to any of the five websites I’ve shared above. They’ll send their blog posts straight to your inbox. As long as you have curiously strong WiFi, you’re good to go.

Until next time!