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An insider’s tips for great website content

From time to time, I like to share insider tips from my favorite marketing experts. This week’s post includes a link to a thought leader in Internet marketing strategies. Take a moment to check out his tips for great website content.

Some people like to savor fine wines. I like to savor fine blogs.

In the spirit of sharing my favorites, I want to introduce you to Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing. He’s an expert in Internet marketing strategy. A guru, if you will.

Ian is wickedly funny, always insightful, and worth taking the time to read.

In one of Ian’s most popular blog posts, he shares tips to improve your web content. Make it more user friendly. Better connect with your customers.

(And who couldn’t use a few secrets on how to get more love from your customers?)

Ian’s article is two years old. But after rereading it recently, I was struck by how many of his insights apply today — particularly his tips on how to write for the web.

So here it is: 22 Things You Don’t Know about Your Customers. Enjoy.

Until next time!