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Should you get expert help on your brand story?

It’s a great question! Here are four reasons to consider getting an expert’s help on your brand story, so it’s easier to talk about your business and engage your ideal customers.

#1: You get clarity.

Without a plan, it can be difficult to talk about your own business.

Why? Personally, I believe most of us are too close to our own stories. Clarity can be a moving target… even for people who are really good at marketing!

To me, the beauty of working with a good message strategist is you get clarity on what’s important to highlight about your business. That clarity may come from interviewing your clients, evaluating your competitors or simply asking you the right questions.

You benefit from objective, outside feedback.

#2: You get focus.

As one of my clients recently shared with me, before they had their brand story in place, talking about their business was like “chasing bunnies.” Every day, they were off in a new direction. (“Bunny!”) They had no consistency.

Or as another client has said, “We never knew what to talk about, so we just talked about everything.”

Sound familiar?

A good message strategist can help you cut through the noise and focus on a really tight storyline. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, you’ll figure out what you offer that’s special… and why that really matters to your audience.

#3: You get brevity.

Why say in 25 words what you can say in eight words?

A good message strategist can help you be concise.

Enough said!

#4: You get a blueprint.

Focus on a set viewpoint

In my opinion, one of the best parts of working with a good message strategist is you get a blueprint for how to talk about your business—specifically, a message platform.

This document is your brand playbook. It includes many important elements of your brand story, such as your target audiences, your value proposition, your best “proof points” and your brand voice.

You can use this document internally, as well as share it with all your creative partners (from your PR specialists to your web firm).

I have one client who has pinned his message platform above his desk. Whenever he’s working on new marketing content, he pulls it down and takes a look. It helps him get in the mindset of his customers.

And as soon as my messaging materials are ready, I’m going to turn around and share them with my graphic designer. He’ll use the ideas when he refreshes my logo and graphics.

Could your company use expert help on your brand story?

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