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Rebranding case study: How a thought leader more than doubled its revenue

Does this sound familiar? Your company is doing great things, but you’re struggling (and I mean, struggling) to share why you’re special in a concise and memorable way.

Check out this rebranding case study. You’ll see how I helped a client in this situation transform their brand messages and more than double their revenue.

Then, scroll down for rebranding tips directly from my client. You’ll find the six key lessons they learned during the rebranding process.

Meet Intengo: A thought leader in market research.

intengo-logoIntengo is a new type of strategic research firm.

This small-but-mighty company uses cutting-edge technology and a philosophy called “the wisdom of the crowd” to help Fortune 500 companies:

  • Create new product and marketing ideas.
  • Predict consumer behavior, figuring out which ideas will be most successful.

Intengo gives their clients big insights in a fraction of the time used with traditional research methods.

Six quarters have passed since Intengo launched our branding work. The result? They’ve more than doubled their revenue and achieved a 750% ROI.

Of course, things didn’t start out so rosy.

When Intengo first reached out to me, they thought they needed copywriting help.

Their marketing content wasn’t clicking with their customers.

It was too wordy.

Too academic.

Too boring.

As a consultant, it’s my job is to ask questions that my potential clients may—or may not—have considered before. This discussion helps us figure out if we’re a good fit for each other and what the key issues are.

After I asked the team at Intengo some deep questions, they took a step back.

They realized their copywriting was a symptom of a bigger issue.

They actually had a brand identity issue.

“Here we were with this cool, funky new product,” explains Kyle Burnam, managing director for Intengo, “and it was buried below an old, staid message and an old, staid look.”

They were stuck!

Intengo hired me to transform their brand story.

The first step was to figure out what made their business special.

My approach included:

  • Conducting interviews with clients and industry experts to get their perceptions of the company.
  • Evaluating Intengo’s competitors to see how they position and talk about themselves.
  • Holding a strategic workshop with Intengo’s executives and key employees to uncover differing opinions, discuss the team’s ideas and build their buy-in.

It all came together in an exciting, new brand message platform—a detailed document complete with their essential marketing messages, brand personality and customer personas.

It’s a tool to guide all their marketing and sales efforts.

“Our message platform is our roadmap,” Kyle says. “It was everything I was hoping it would be and more.”

“Everything we say comes from our message platform. Without it, it would be difficult to have a consistent message.”

Every rebranding project has big “ah-has,” and this one was no exception.

When Intengo first approached me for copywriting help, they were positioning their innovative new product as part of their parent company’s brand. The parent company served a very traditional and conservative audience.

Many on their team were adamant about keeping it that way.

But after my discussions with Intengo’s ideal customers and industry experts, the team had a huge “ah ha.”

This approach was holding them back.


Because their parent company’s conservative identity didn’t appeal to Intengo’s ideal customers: risk takers.

It was an eye-opening revelation for the team.

This insight helped them realize they needed to rename this part of their business.

It also opened their minds to how bold and different the Intengo brand could be, so they could really engage their ideal customers.

So there we were with this monumental “ah ha,” this amazing message platform, and this shiny, happy team…

Then what?

Intengo realized there was much more I could help them with in rebranding.

They asked me to continue as their guide, helping them create their new name, new look and new marketing content.

I like to make it as easy as possible for my clients to turn their strategies into effective marketing.

In this case, I introduced Intengo to an experienced naming consultant and a talented graphic designer who could help them push the limits.

As for their new content, I crafted their tagline and their most important marketing content.

Collectively, it was a wonderful collaboration.

Intengo Portfolio Image

A sample of Intengo’s new marketing materials

Our naming consultant created a strong list of name options. Then, my client used their own innovative research methodology to pick the right name for their business: Intengo.

They used the same approach to select their new logo.

Kyle raves, “I loved the rebranding process.”

Sandy McCray, Intengo’s director of client services, adds, “For me, the highlight of the entire project was when we had something printed and tangible we could show people. Our brand was alive. It wasn’t just theory anymore.”

With their new marketing in place, there’s been one more reason that Intengo has more more than doubled their revenue.

Quite simply, they’ve fully embraced their new brand—from what they say to prospects, to the experience they deliver to their customers.

And they’ve pushed to get their message out there—getting on the speaker circuit, attending trade shows and proactively marketing to their prospects.

This is so essential for success!

When the team went to their first public event—an industry conference—they got a ton of positive feedback. They created buzz. They had attendees coming up and saying, “We keep hearing about you. We had to come and find you!”

There’s also a new energy at the company.

Employees have become much more engaged, taking ownership of the brand.

“I’ve never felt as much momentum as I do now,” Kyle shares.

“We have more people interested in our products than we’ve ever had in the past. We have quality leads with bigger name companies. We have more demos, presentations and upcoming conference speeches than ever before.”

And, oh yes, there are the financial results.

Intengo compared the six quarters prior to introducing the new brand to the six quarters after launching the new brand. They’d achieved a 750% ROI on their work with me and my strategic partners.

So, what are Intengo’s biggest rebranding tips for other companies?

I asked Kyle to share his rebranding tips based on our work together.

Here are his thoughts:

  • Getting your team’s buy-in early is crucial. It keeps you focused. Because key employees from Intengo and their parent company went through the strategic workshop together, everyone feels like an owner of their new message strategy. “As people were tempted to veer off course, we could say, now remember we collectively agreed on this idea over here.”
  • Customer interviews give you feedback you wouldn’t normally get. There’s nothing like discovering that what you think is really important to your customers isn’t important (and vice versa). Intengo got valuable insights that “never would have come up through normal conversations.”
  • Get your team’s buy-in before you create your marketing materials. As Kyle says, “The quicker you can phase out the democracy, the better.” That’s why holding the strategic workshop and having agreed-upon messages are so important. Everyone’s ideas are represented in the strategy, making it much easier to create your marketing content.
  • Don’t forget to focus on your bread-and-butter business too. “We realized, wow, we’ve been holding back our parent company by keeping both businesses combined as one brand.” By giving each business a distinct identity, it’s become much better for each of them.
  • Consistently communicating the right message does take some work. Kyle keeps a printout of select pages from the message strategy on his wall, so he has a daily reminder. “It isn’t always easy. You have to remind yourself to use your message platform.”
  • While initially investing in a message strategy may feel like a big leap, it can really pay off. “At first, I was unsure whether we needed to do everything we did. But it quickly became apparent that building a message strategy is so fundamental to everything else you want to accomplish—design, content, personality.”
Kyle Burnam<br />
Idea Accelerator and Managing Partner<br />
Intengo<br />
Denver, Colorado

"Ann was very relatable from early on" “Once your message platform is in place, it makes it easy to build on it for years. Without it, we'd be much more prone to changing our personality and look.

Ann was very relatable from early on. She put everything in terms that made sense to me and my team. She made it easy for us. Kyle Burnam
Idea Accelerator and Managing Partner
Denver, Colorado

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