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The secret to marketing content that will strengthen your brand

Does your marketing content sound like your competitors’ content? Have you struggled with round after round of edits to your marketing content? Have you created website copy that just isn’t resonating?

If yes, you know there are many ways marketing writing can go awry!

Here’s the secret to writing marketing content that will strengthen your brand.

Let’s pretend your business is a choir…

And each touch point you have with your customers (your website, brochures, sales presentation, employees, etc.) represents a voice in your choir.

Ideally, you want everyone singing the same song in the same key, right?

Otherwise, just imagine how bad the noise would be! Your listeners would tune out very, very quickly.

There’s magic to voices singing in harmony.

It’s powerful.



And that’s the feeling we want to create with your marketing messages.

core messaging platform is the shared piece of music that brings all those voices together.

First things first, what is a core messaging platform?

A core messaging platform — also known as a “message strategy” — is a summary of how you want to position your business.

A basic core messaging platform includes a description of:

  1. Who your target audience is.
  2. What your company’s promise is to your target audience. Your promise is that short statement explaining what makes your business special for your customers. Sometimes you’ll hear your promise referred to as your “value proposition.”
  3. Why people should believe your promise. These are the messages that best support and prove your promise.

Quite simply, a messaging platform is your guide for how you’re going to talk about your business.

So, how exactly does a core messaging platform make your marketing better?

There are oh-so-many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Better internal buy-in. Have you ever gone through round after round of edits on your marketing content and you just can’t get your team to agree? (Painful, isn’t it?) Ideally, your core messaging platform reflects input from your key team members, so by the time you’re writing your marketing copy or website content, you shouldn’t be dealing with a lot of changes from your colleagues. (Here’s to voices singing in unison!)
  • Lasting memorability. With a core messaging platform, you’re telling an extremely focused story. You aren’t trying to be all things to all people. Because you’re telling a story that’s focused and different from your competitors, your business becomes much more memorable.
  • Stronger connections with your customers. I find that a core messaging platform can help companies get out of talking about themselves from their own perspective. Instead, it helps them tell their story in a way that matters and appeals to their customers. It helps create that shift from being “company-centric” to “customer-centric.”
  • Greater confidence. There’s nothing like going to a networking event or sitting down to write your marketing copy… and not knowing what to say. (Darn those crickets!) With a core messaging platform, you have a consistent story you can confidently share in any setting.
  • Wise use of dollars. Once you have your core messaging platform in place, you can share it with all the people who help you tell your story: your employees, copywriters, PR firms, social media experts, graphic designers, web agencies, photographers and more. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you bring a new creative partner on board. You can efficiently share your story and help your creative partners get started quickly.

What happens if you write your website content or marketing copy without a core messaging platform?

The success of your marketing copy becomes less predictable. Your content may be great. Or, it may not…

Often times, companies that jump straight into copywriting realize that their marketing messages are unfocused or cliched. Their website content just isn’t resonating with buyers. Their marketing messages sound like their competitors’ messages, making them easily forgettable.

There’s an opportunity that’s being lost.

Can you write marketing content without a messaging platform? Absolutely.

Should you? That’s the real question.

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Until next time!