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Brand Development

Do these comments sound familiar?

“We have a polished competitor who’s taking our business.”

Meanwhile, you sound like everybody else, so you’re stuck competing on price. You need a message strategy that:

  • Helps you stand out from your competitors.
  • Shows customers why you’re worth the investment.
  • Gets you out of the commodity game!

“It’s frustrating how ineffective we are in succinctly telling our story.”

You have a great story to tell… but your messaging isn’t clear, consistent or concise. You know that improving your brand positioning will build your credibility and appeal, so people are more likely to buy from you.

“Our team is not on the same page.”

Your executives have conflicting ideas on how to position your organization. You need to create a consistent positioning statement to guide your team, reach your ideal customers and improve your leads.

“We’re doing great things, but we need our brand to show it.”

You need a brand consultant to help you better tell your story. With an effective identity, you know your company can do so much more.

Discover how my brand development services can help

Whether you need help with your strategy or bringing your marketing content to life, I have services to meet you where you are:

My network of brand specialists in Denver

My brand development consulting goes far beyond helping you craft your brand story and most important marketing content. I also partner with a deep network of brand specialists in Denver, Colorado.

This makes it easy for my clients to move seamlessly from brand strategy and positioning, to creative development, to the customer experience.

Depending on your needs, I may partner with or introduce you to:

  • Talented graphic designers who can create a memorable logo design, as well as brand standards for your visual identity.
  • Web and search engine firms that can help you improve your credibility and drive business through your online branding efforts.