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Brand Message Platform

Explaining your business is complicated. Let’s change that!

Do you want to:

Ann Kendall

  • Attract the right type of customers and discourage the wrong ones?
  • Stand out from your competitors, so you can bring in bigger and better leads?
  • Succinctly explain your business, so people can’t wait to learn more?
  • Stop competing on price?

A brand message platform may be just what you need.

Think of a brand message platform as the foundation for how you talk and write about your business. It summarizes the unique value you bring to your customers—and the characteristics that make your company different.

Just like a builder would use a blueprint to construct a house, your brand messaging is your guide—and inspiration—for all of your marketing and sales efforts.

And it’s a powerful way to engage your ideal customers.

I have a proven process for figuring out what makes your business unique.

In my work with 80+ clients, I’ve developed a proprietary approach to help you transform fuzzy ideas into clarity on what makes your company different.

(Yes, insert choir of angels here!)

And this approach leads to a highly-focused strategy that captures your special sauce—complete with audience personas (in-depth profiles of your target customers and their motivations), your most important marketing messages, and other useful insights.

Here’s what a strategy will do for you. You’ll:

  • Be able to explain your business with confidence because you have clarity on what makes your business different.
  • Avoid the “me too” messaging traps that can get you stuck competing on price. You’ll have insight on how to stand out from your competitors.
  • Ensure your team is consistent and focused in how they talk and write about your business, so you can make a deeper impact with the right customers.

And, yes, there’s the business impact.

Honing your brand message platform and dialing in on the right customers can offer a significant return on investment.

For example, I’ve had clients who have:

  • More than doubled their revenue.
  • Grown in size from being a $2 million company to a $5 million company.
  • Increased the quality of their incoming leads.
  • Increased their new customer acquisition by double digits in a very competitive field.
  • Become much more competitive and confident in their marketing, despite extremely polished competitors.
Kyle Burnam<br />
Idea Accelerator and Managing Director<br />
Intengo<br />
Denver, CO

"I’ve never felt as much momentum." “We have more people interested in our services than we’ve ever had in the past. We have quality leads with bigger name companies. We have more demos, presentations and upcoming conference speeches than ever before.” Kyle Burnam
Idea Accelerator and Managing Director
Denver, CO

Here’s a peek behind the scenes at my proprietary process…

#1: Competitive audit

As we hone your story, it’s important to understand what your competition is saying and avoid the “me too” message traps. I’ll audit your competitors’ websites to determine how they’re positioning themselves and create a written summary for you.

Taking an objective look at your competitors can be illuminating!

#2: Customer interviews (OPTIONAL)

I’ll interview your ideal customers to get their input. I’ll explore targeted topics with them, such as what they think about your company (versus your competitors), why they chose you, what matters to them and what doesn’t.

There are almost always surprises that come out of customer interviews. We can get amazing insight into:
• What really matters to your customers
• How to connect with them on a deeper level
• How to talk about your business in fresh ways
• How to craft highly targeted content

#3: Strategic discovery

No one knows your business better than you. I’ll guide you through a series of strategic questions or engaging exercises to thoroughly explore what makes your company shine.

Together, we’ll decide on the best format for our discovery process, so it’s highly effective—from individual interviews with key employees, to a facilitated, strategic workshop with your team.

#4: Audience personas

Building upon the work we’ve done so far, I’ll craft personas of your ideal customers, so we can:
• Connect with them on a deeper level
• Develop targeted messaging
• Identify the right personality to appeal to them

#5: Strategic messaging guide

All of our work together cumulates in a written document summarizing your message platform. Typically, this guide includes your:
• Core message (your “promise”)
• Proof points
• Personality and voice
• Audience profiles
• And any other relevant marketing communication decisions we’ve made together

Optional: Content audit

Once you have your message platform in place, you may wonder, are our touch points with our customers and employees “on message?” What do we need to hone to bring our brand story to life?

I’m happy to audit your key communication materials. I’ll help you identify any inconsistencies in your brand. Together, we can prioritize which areas may need transformation first.

Companies that get the most from brand messaging projects share TWO traits.

1. You want to involve your key employees on a great strategy.

No one knows your company better than you and your team. When we involve select employees in the collaboration process, we:

  • Create a better message strategy.
  • Build buy-in—and cheers for that!
  • Make it much easier to write marketing content because you’re clear and focused on your strategy.

2. You’re committed to implementing your strategy.

A brand message platform is a foundation to build upon. You need to be willing to get your message out there—whether it’s through your website, speaking events, advertising or other forms of marketing outreach.

You also need to make sure you’re building it into your culture, so you’re living your brand.

If these items don’t resonate with you, I’d love to save you some time. This just isn’t the right project for you.

Speaking of implementing your strategy…

If you prefer to implement your brand message platform on your own, you’re welcome to do so.

But I’m also happy to discuss helping you implement it, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Depending on your needs, I have a network of creative professionals who are experts at bringing brands to life, so it’s easy for you to move forward. (Yes!)