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Brand Voice

Is your company missing a distinctive brand voice that sets you apart?

Give your brand the creative spark it needs!

I’m often approached by companies that have big vision… but something is missing from their brands: a clear brand voice.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your marketing content is falling flat. There’s no personality, so your marketing just isn’t resonating.
  • There’s too much intellect in your marketing content—and not enough heart.
  • Or perhaps, your team is all over the place. There’s no consistency or strategy to how you talk to customers, and that’s making your business forgettable.

Your brand voice is the unique way you speak with your ideal customers.

When your brand voice is well crafted, it humanizes and “warms up” your marketing content, so your company becomes MUCH more appealing.

Ideally, it’s created with your desired customers in mind. It reflects their deep motivations.

(Want to see some examples? Check out three great examples of brand voice.)

I have a proven track record of creating brand voices that work.

Here’s what a strategic brand voice will do for you:

  • You’ll create a stronger, more emotional connection with the right type of customers, setting your company apart from your competition.
  • You’ll help give customers a compelling reason to choose you that isn’t based on price. (Yes!)
  • You’ll get your team on the same page, so you can talk to your customers in a consistent and compelling way.
  • You’ll make it much easier to write your marketing content—particularly if you have multiple writers—because you have a distinctive vocabulary to guide you.

(See a few examples of my clients’ successes.)

Sandy McCray<br />
Intengo<br />
Insights Curator and Director of Client Services<br />
Denver, CO

"We’re onto something special here"You can’t even imagine how psyched I am. Our story has come together in such an amazing way. I signed our first official client—a huge branding agency. We’re onto something special here, and we couldn’t have gotten to this point without you, Ann! Sandy McCray
Insights Curator and Director of Client Services
Denver, CO

How a brand voice project works

Your needs are unique. So are my deliverables.

I’ll work with you to help you solve the challenge you face—whether you need special content to bring your voice to life or a brand voice guide to keep your team on track.

Here are deliverables others companies have found helpful:

Voice development

Need to fill in the gaps that may be holding your brand back? Many companies have me take them through my proven discovery process to round out the emotional elements of their story and hone their voice.

Rest easy, if you already have a brand strategy, we aren't starting over. We're simply filling in any gaps.

Brand voice guide

Have multiple people (or multiple agencies) creating marketing content for your business? A brand voice guide ensures there's voice consistency across your writers and content.

Typically, my brand voice guides include: (1) Writing "dos" and "don'ts" (2) Your distinctive vocabulary (3) Style preferences that are unique to your company (4) Other elements you want to include to keep your copywriters on track.

Special content, such as a brand narrative

Need special content to bring your voice to life and use as inspiration for your other content? Creating special content can help you align your team around your new personality and voice.

This can be especially useful if you’re slipping into old ways of talking about your business or if your colleagues have different ideas about what your new voice should sound like.

Audience personas

Stuck in a very intellectual or academic voice? I can help you craft audience personas—fictional characters who represent your ideal buyers—to gain insight into the voice that will resonate with them.

A "me too" messaging review

You have your brand strategy, but your team's content is falling flat. It can be helpful to audit your competitors’ messaging to make sure you aren’t getting stuck in industry clichés or “me too” messages, which can make your business forgettable.

Together, we can use these insights to create your own distinctive vocabulary and find a fresh way of speaking with your customers.