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Content Marketing Workshop | Denver

Get more from your content marketing with this highly actionable workshop!

If you’re like 90% of organizations, you use online content to market your business: blog posts, videos, e-newsletters, etc.

But here’s the really interesting thing.

Most companies don’t think they’re very good at content marketing.

Only 22% of B2B marketers say their companies are very effective at it!

Sound familiar?

We invite your team to explore our content marketing workshop:

“6 Ways to Get Out of the Content Marketing Doghouse”

Content marketing workshop: 6 ways to get out of content marketing doghouse

This workshop is ideal for organizations that:

  • Have started content marketing, but are struggling to see a return for all the time and energy they’re spending on it.


  • Know they should be doing content marketing and want to be savvy in their approach.

What you’ll learn in our content marketing workshop

We’ll share how to avoid six common mistakes we see companies making in their content marketing efforts.

You’ll walk away with strategic ideas and actionable tips to achieve a better return on your investment and make smarter use of your time.

And during this workshop, you’ll spend a significant amount of time developing the foundational elements that will lead to more effective campaigns for your organization.

Specifically, you’ll discover:

  • How to set the right number of priorities, so your marketing team can be focused and organized… and stop “chasing squirrels.”
  • How to make sure you’re engaging the right audiences, so you’re spending your time wisely.
  • How to establish a consistent brand voice for your content, so your brand is more memorable.
  • How to draw audiences to your content, so your content is seen and shared.
  • How to work smarter on your content, not harder.

You’ll spend as much time planning and doing, as you’ll do listening.

Tired of “death by PowerPoint?”

Us too!

Our content marketing workshop is highly interactive. You’ll enjoy a variety of exercises to help your team collaborate and plan, so you can improve your content’s success rate.