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Tagline Writer

So, you need a tagline writer to bring your brand to life through one juicy bit of copy.

I’ve been writing taglines for national brands and up-and-coming companies for more than a decade.

My past tagline clients include big brands — like Sylvan Learning and Gates Corp. — as well as small-but-mighty brands — like Intengo and Innova.

The question is: Am I the right tagline writer for you?

As a tagline writer, I tend to be the best fit for:

1) Businesses that are stuck.

You’ve been trying to write a tagline, but you’re going around… and around… and around in circles.

You haven’t been able to create a tagline that’s just right. A tagline that makes everyone happy. A tagline truly captures your special sauce.

(Hint: Here’s why even the best written tagline can fall flat.)

Quite simply, you’re stuck. You need help from a proven tagline writer.

2) Businesses that are rebranding.

You have a new brand strategy in place (or you’re in the process of creating one).

Now, you need to create a tagline that truly sets your business apart.

Not something run-of-the-mill.

You need your new tagline to help elevate your image, differentiate your company and grab the attention of your ideal customers. Your tagline is a key part of how you’re going to communicate your new brand.

3) Businesses that are disrupting their industries.

You’re a well-funded startup or a rapidly-growing business that’s turning your industry upside down.

You have lofty goals for your business, and you’re clear on what makes your business unique.

You see your tagline as a key part of setting your business apart and building your credibility.

Do any of these sound like you? If yes, we should chat.

I’m NOT a great fit for you if…

You simply need a tagline writer to knock out a bunch of pithy ideas for you in an hour or two. Or, you want someone to review and react to a tagline you’ve written.

(I recommend looking for a local copywriter or crowdsourcing some ideas.)

How my tagline development services work

Typically, if you have a brand message platform in place, there are three phases to tagline development:

  • Phase 1: Discovery. I’ll ask you questions to understand your goals, what makes your business different and your unique personality — elements they may affect your tagline strategy.
  • Phase 2: Brainstorming. I’ll brainstorm taglines for your business. I’ll vet the list and assemble a short list of recommended taglines, as well as a brief business case for each suggestion.
  • Phase 3: Choosing the best tagline. You select the best tagline for your brand, and I’ll make any final tweaks.

Ideally, the hardest part will be choosing a tagline among all your favorites!