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“A true expert in her craft”

Erin Pheil, Followbright

“A joy to work with”

Kathy Sewell, IPS

“I couldn't have done my job without Ann”

Ali Dougherty, Sylvan Learning

“Ann makes me look like a rock star”

Beth Boen, CreativeXchange Marketing

Kyle Burnam <br />
Idea Accelerator (Managing Director)<br />
Intengo<br />
Denver, CO

“Our revenue has more than doubled”

Before we started our message strategy project, my biggest concern was, are we going to spend a lot of money on fuzzy stuff, or will this really make an impact?

All my concerns were put to rest after Ann’s strategic workshop with our executive team. That’s when I realized this was going to be a bigger project than just words on paper.

This was going to be a transformation.

In the six quarters since launching our new message strategy and design identity, our revenue has more than doubled.

We’ve gotten a 750% ROI on our work with Ann and her partners.

Kyle Burnam
Idea Accelerator (Managing Director)
Denver, CO

Don Wullschleger<br />
Practice Manager<br />
Cherished Companions Animal Clinic<br />
Castle Rock, CO

“We’ve gotten so much from working with Ann”

Ann has done an outstanding job, and she’s completely exceeded my expectations.

We’ve gotten so much from working with her. A great brand identity. A consistent message. An answer to the caller who asks, ‘Why should I go to you versus someone else?’

Plus, all her help with our marketing writing—what a relief!

We have a more professional image, a standard to live to and a real foundation to build on.

Don Wullschleger
Practice Manager
Cherished Companions Animal Clinic
Castle Rock, CO

Erin Pheil <br />
Owner<br />
Followbright<br />
Frisco, CO

“The quality of our leads has increased”

The quality of our leads has increased since we launched our new website, and I feel confident our new messaging has helped.

I can give specific examples of qualified prospects who have reached out to us saying they were really attracted to our continual improvement approach—a key part of the messaging we worked on with Ann.

Erin Pheil
Frisco, CO

Amity Cooper<br />
Founder <br />
Sushumna Chocolat<br />
Denver, CO

“Ann took all the work I’d done and unified it”

I was really stuck in my head. I had all the ideas, but I didn’t have the ability or the right team to help me bring those ideas forth.

So when I was introduced to Ann, I thought, perfect, she’s exactly what I need.

Ann has a gift.

She really thought about how to extrapolate the gems from our time together. She took all the work I had done and unified it—a clear profile of my company’s brand story and identity—and her copy was perfect.

Amity Cooper
Sushumna Chocolat
Denver, CO

“I got more than I paid for”

Bryan Kelly, Tall Pines Painting

“One of the best providers I’ve ever connected with”

Jason Pfaff, The Kitchen Showcase

“Ann truly has a gift”

Tonya Rineer, Adamo Interiors

“Both visionary and detail oriented… a valuable partner”

Lawrence Robison, Colorado Christian University

Sandy McCray<br />
Insights Curator (Director of Client Solutions)<br />
Intengo<br />
Denver, CO

“Our brand feels fresh, different and differentiated”

If you’re on the fence about a message strategy project with Ann, you’d be crazy not to do it.

I don’t think our business would have grown without it. Now our brand feels fresh, different and differentiated.

Ann helped keep us focused, and we couldn’t have gotten to this point without her.

Sandy McCray
Insights Curator (Director of Client Solutions)
Denver, CO

Colin Geiger<br />
Principal <br />
Geiger & Company<br />
Denver, CO

“Ann helped me express the message I wanted to convey”

I hired Ann after I heard her describe her business in a concise and captivating way that I wasn’t able to do for my own business.

She helped me express the message I wanted to convey about my firm in a way that didn’t make me sound like every other business in my industry.

The real testimony to Ann’s incredible work came from one of my clients.

When he read the new website content Ann produced, he said, ‘If this material had been on your site when we first met you, we wouldn’t have interviewed six financial planners before hiring you!'

Colin Geiger
Geiger & Company
Denver, CO

Kandra Churchwell<br />
Founder & Creative Director<br />
Phases Design Studio<br />
Denver, CO

“Ann, I LOOOOVE working with you!”

Your work is fantastic, always on time, professional, and we get along so well.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and my clients.

Kandra Churchwell
Founder & Creative Director
Phases Design Studio
Denver, CO

Chuck Sparks<br />
Director of Operations <br />
Wellshire Presbyterian Church<br />
Denver, CO

“Ann makes big mountains small”

Ann and her colleague exceeded my expectations with their development of our branding plan.

Early on, they gained tremendous credibility with our staff through their due diligence, and their recommendations have been actively embraced by our senior leadership.

Ann is an exceptional listener who can quickly assess the key issues.

Chuck Sparks
Director of Operations
Wellshire Presbyterian Church
Denver, CO

“A superstar”

Claire Eby, Brand Mentoring

“Ann understands how communication can be used to drive the bottom line”

Phyllis Hammond, Boston Market

“One of the best writers I’ve ever had the good fortune to know”

Jeanne Lynch, Archstone

Melody Jamali<br />
President<br />
Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns<br />
Centennial, CO

“People say, ‘Everything happens for a reason.'”

I didn’t put much stock in that idea until I met Ann Kendall.

Following the tragic loss of our 21 year-old son, my husband and I launched an online retail website featuring artistic and custom urns.

Given that we were dedicating the company to our son’s memory, it was important to us to come up with a unique company name and tagline, as they would define the website’s tone and brand.

When we were presented with a list of possible names and taglines from Ann, I thought it would be impossible to choose from all the excellent ones presented, until one particular combination caught my eye: Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns – Celebrate a Beautiful Life.

What no one else realized, least of all Ann, is that the name and tagline weren’t just good, they were PERFECT.

When our son was 15, he was assigned to watch the Oscar-winning movie, ‘Life is Beautiful,’ an intense and emotional film. As the movie unfolded, both my son and I were in tears. Imagine a 15 year-old boy sitting with his mom on the couch, both bawling.

Not only did the name and tagline capture our vision, they were a personal connection to the son I lost.

Everything happens for a reason. And luckily, Ann ‘happened’ to me.

Melody Jamali
Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns
Centennial, CO