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Strategic Brand Writing

Your marketing content is the front door to your brand.

Let’s make sure you’re inviting people in.

If you’re like most companies, you have certain marketing content that’s really important. It plays a pivotal role in showing how your business is different and engaging the customers you want. It could be your web content, tagline or something else.

Do you want to:

  • Create an amazing first impression with your ideal customers?
  • Make your business sound different, so you’re much more memorable?
  • Better engage people in your brand, so you can drive the behaviors you want?

If yes, it’s time to talk about strategic brand writing.

Examples of strategic brand writing

I’ll share upfront, I’m not the right fit for every copywriting project.

My approach tends to be best if you’re looking for original, high-quality content that brings your brand to life, such as your:

  • Web content
  • Tagline (best if you have a clear brand strategy or message platform in place)
  • Brand stories / brand manifestos
  • Marketing brochures
  • Pivotal marketing articles

A lot of craft goes into my writing. I tend to work best with companies that appreciate strategic copywriting and are very good at offering targeted tweaks.

If your team tends to extensively rewrite your copy, I’m not the right investment for you.

What you’ll gain from strategic brand writing

  • Strategic insight on how to engage your customers on a deeper level.
  • Fresh ideas on how you talk about your brand, so you can become more memorable and consistent.
  • Original, high quality content that is both authentic to your business and compelling for your high-value customers.
  • A sense of relief knowing you and your business are going to look very, very good!
Ali Dougherty<br />
Content Marketing Manager<br />
Sylvan Learning Corp.<br />
Baltimore, MD

"Ann genuinely cares about the client she's writing about" “Ann not only developed our content, but she also provided suggestions on strategy and gave us a unique perspective that sometimes we didn’t even consider, saving us time and money. Ann genuinely cares about the client she’s writing about, and it shows in her writing.” Ali Dougherty
Content Marketing Manager
Sylvan Learning Corp.
Baltimore, MD

How a brand writing project works

You may be wondering, “How does a brand writing project work? And how will you make my life easier?”

Two great questions!

Here’s a look at a typical project:

Schedule creation

I’ll create and manage a schedule, so there’s a clear vision for your brand writing project. (And one less thing on your plate!)

Strategic discovery

I’ll ask you a series of insightful questions to better understand what makes your business unique and who your ideal audiences are (among other topics). We’ll explore big picture questions about your brand. I’ll also ask you targeted questions about the topic I’m going to write about in your marketing content.

Competitive audit

Depending on your needs, I may suggest reviewing your competitors’ websites. It can help us avoid “me too” messaging, so your business clearly stands out. This step is 100% optional!


I’ll craft custom marketing content for your business: Each word carefully selected for your ideal audiences. Each section tailored to your strategic needs. I’ll carefully hone your messages until the content is ready for your review.

On tagline projects, I’ll craft a lengthy list of tagline ideas, hone in on a recommended list of five to eight taglines, and share the top possibilities with you. Ideally, the hardest part will be choosing a tagline among all your favorites!

Copy review and sign-off

Together, we’ll collaborate on which messages sing to you—and which messages need finessing—over one or a couple of drafts.